Razinpaws Kennels

Razinpaws Kennels

Razinpaws Kennels is nestled in the bush near Wisemans Ferry. The peaceful existence allows for a calm and happy environment for the dogs who live here and the schnauzers who are born here.

Razinpaws Schnauzers

It is all about the dogs! Nothing is spared to make sure they are comfortable and most of all healthy and well balanced dogs. Razinpaws breeds miniature schnauzers which are a great all round companion dog. They come in three colours; black, black and silver and pepper/salt.

All Razinpaws dogs are raw fed, no commercial dog food used. No poisons are used on their surrounds. No Flea and Tick poisons are put in or on my dogs and vaccinations are kept to a minimum, usually titre testing is done before vaccinating. This all leads to healthy pups.

All the dogs live in Air Conditioned accommodation.

Contact Razinpaws Kennels

For additional information or for purchasing a miniature schnauzer,

phone or text Tricia at Razinpaws on 0408 220 270.

You can also visit our Facebook page for puppy updates.