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Caroline and Ben

We just wanted to say a big thanks for our beautiful little pup Ella. She has become best friends with her big brother Ralphie and they are now inseparable! Watching them rumble is hilarious and they go off on little adventures in the garden together which is very cute. It’s so nice to see them both having so much fun and we couldn’t have asked for a sweeter little pup. A perfect addition to our family. Thanks Trish! Ben and Caroline

Luise Nealon

Hi Trish, Duffy is now 18 months old! She loves going to the dog park, snuggling up to her best friend Zina and stealing all the socks from the laundry. We couldn’t imagine life without her, she’s got the best personality and has settled in really well. From Luise, Bernard, Laura, Zina and Duffy xx


And I couldn’t resist sending this one. It was a pretty cold day and they snuggled all day. I think they need a bigger bed! She does do other things besides sleep, it’s just easier to take photos when she’s sleeping haha.


Hi Trish, Just Jess again! Ellie is now 5 and a half months old! I cant believe she’s that grown up but I also cant believe that it was only 3 months ago that she came into our lives. She is at a very cheeky but adorable stage. She loves to play and has realised that if she grabs something we like and runs with it, we will normally chase her. So much of my day is spent either putting things away or chasing after her as she tries to steal our things. Although, she’s never left outside if we’re not home, SHE LOVES THE BACKYARD. We know that she thinks it’s her area because anything she really like (i.e her toys and things she thinks are toys) she takes outside. Sometimes I walk out and find her laying down with her toys and our socks in a circle around her. She absolutely loves other dogs and people (especially kids) and we’ve had no problems whats so ever in that regard. She is still a very clever dog. She pretends she’s forgot her trick… until I get a treat and then suddenly it comes back to her. Except for sit and hi5. She loves hi5! Since my last post she passed puppy preschool, got a clip and got spayed (which I found much more trumatic then she did). If anyone reading this is considering buying a puppy through Trish (I know I read through every comment before deciding this was the right desicion) I would completely recommend it! I couldn’t decide which photo to upload so here is one I took a few days ago. Her and daddy (who, in case you were wondering, is coping very well with his first time dog, even when she sleeps on him!) Thanks again! We couldn’t imagine our lives without her

Craig & Ronnie

Hi again, Thought I would add another pic of Diesel when he was a baby going for a ride in the car with Roxy… They go everywhere with us…

Craig & Ronnie

Hi Tricia, Diesel has just celebrated his 2nd birthday… he is the most beautiful boy. You said that he was a cheeky little boy and he certainly is. Roxy our old girl is a real princess and Mr Diesel is a scallywag!!! He loves everyone… and has lots of friends that we visit regularly walking Cronulla Beach. He has been the most wonderful addition to our family. Thank you sooo much.

Serena Horspool

We have had Matilda for over 10 weeks now and we are loving every second of it. She is a darling and is so well behaved!!!!!! Matilda has graduated puppy preschool and has made many friends there and at our local dog park. Thanks Tricia so much for such a well adjusted and ADORABLE puppy. From Serena and Kate Horspool P.S she just had her first trim on Monday and she looks like a whole new pup<3 Razinpaws is the best!!!

Jess Laidler

Hi Trish, Hope you were serious about photo updates when I get a chance… because here is the third one in about a month. Ellie’s going really well! She started puppy preschool this week. She was brillant. If the puppys get too silly or agressive they remove them to calm them down and Ellie was the only puppy that wasn’t. They started learning to sit and down, but Ellie could already do that, so while everyone else spend this week teaching their pups to sit and down, Ellie had to learn to crawl and roll over (which she’s already mastered and can also shake and hi5, and we’re now working on staying and coming). Yesterday we got the green light from the vet to take her outside so today we went for a walk along the beach. She was feeling so brave we also walked along the dog beach and she played in the water. So, for the third time in about a month, thank you again for the time you spent with Ellie to raise a wonderful pup. Here is another picture of her and Theo.


Hi Tricia, Here is a photo of our baby Button. he has settled in well and is getting ready to start puppy preschool soon. We couldn’t be happier with him! Belinda and Guy

Jess Laidler

Hi Trish, Just another photo of little Eleanor and her brother Theodore. They love each other and spend all day wrestling and wearing each other out. Thanks again