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I have to commend you on your set up and your professionalism, well laced with hospitality and friendliness! Quite obviously, as you say ‘you love what you do’ and it shows, your kennels are spotless and very well designed, you go the extra mile to make sure your dogs are healthy and happy. But you don’t stop there – you also make every effort to ensure the puppy’s new family are well armed with all the facts necessary to continue to raise the pup in like manner. Sofie is so tractable, she’s intelligent and is learning very quickly. My ‘best mate’ is an absolute joy to be with. I thank you so much Tricia. Sorry I don’t have a photo yet – must rectify that, she is growing so quickly!


Tricia, Alfie is 1 on the 14th of Oct 2011 (next week) and we don’t know how we we were ever without him!! He is a much loved member of our little family such that when we are at the grandparents even they fight for his attention. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful part of our lives. Tiff and Matt

Matt Woodland

Dear Trish – Diesel is now 5&1/2 Mth old & doing very well. He has such a friendly personality, especially with kids & other dogs. We get soooo many compliments on him. He’s such a smart little boy, with a fun/mischievous streak & always wanting to please us! He’s such a treasure & we just can’t imagine life without him. We’ll be back for a companion for him, definitely!! Thanks so much for the time & love you put into breeding these quality dog’s! Love Matt & Sharon Woodland

The Andrew Family

Hi Trish,here are some photos of Miss Molly Moo..thankyou for all the joy she is bringing to us all..a very well adjusted,great nature and beautiful too!

Leanne Redfern

3 mths on Franky is doing so well! She loves going out for walks and meeting everybody. The beach is her favourite! She is such a clever girl and an absolute joy to be around. Thanks for breading such beautiful dogs!!

Graeme Williams

Hi Tricia, Our Mindy is now 5 years old and is the most wonderfully tempered little dog that we have ever encountered. I don’t know how we ever were without a dog before having her. Thanks for all your help and I haven’t given up hope of getting a Morl to go with Mindy! Cheers

Marrita Bruce Donna & Shannon BELL

Hi Tricia, Well Pepper has certainly settled in…she has been so good…second night home she fretted a bit but from then on she has made herself at home…all our family love her … Sorry I have had trouble adding a photo of her so i emailed you a few ..Love from all THE BELL’S including PEPPER BELL

Jason and Dean

Monte is now 3 years old. Wow where did the time go. He is such a big part of our life and usually only ever no more than 3 steps away. Given that, he is so well adjusted, a beautiful nature and an absolute joy to have around. Makes us smile everyday. Now living in Qld on acreage so plenty of space to run around. We will be looking for a brother in the next month.


Hi Trish, Just popping in to let you know Teddy is going really well. We bought him in November 2008 and he is the most well adjusted, loving and friendly little dog we know! When our circumstances allow for it, we will definitely be getting a companion for Teddy from you! I’ve attached a photo of Teddy at the park – he needed a hair cut but he does look very cute when he has long hair!

Meegan Perrins

Hi Trish. I just wanted to thank you with all your help getting Izy to me in Melbourne. She is wonderfull & very well adjusted. She gets on really well with our blue healer & they have a ball together. She is so clever & seems to love doing the sit stay & drop stuff. She comes with me in the car to most places & loves it. The other day she was sound asleep in her car carrier on her back with all 4’s sticking up. Anyway thanks for all your help. Meegan