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Hey Tricia! I don’t have Quincey’s graduation photo with me, but after discussing Jaci with you the other day, I thought you’d get a laugh out of this. Shadow loves tissues, he will literally pull them from the dispenser on the box! Gotta watch this one!


Hi Trisha This is Shelby who was born 1/1/08 in a litter bred with your friend Lyndsy. She is ball crazy, loves being outside and lazing on the couch. A little cheeky banging on the back fence to stir up the neighbours dog.

Luise Nealon

Hi Trisha Duffy has just turned 4 yrs old (Callie & Eddie’s litter) – she is the best little dog & we love having her in our family. We visit your website often and talk about getting another dog, but I think we will wait until Zina goes. Take care, Luise, Bernard & Laura


Hi Trisha, my gorgeous darlings, Happy & Qinqie. As I suspected two mini-schnazuers is twice as good as one mini schnauzer =). They are absolutely adorable and give me so much love and joy.

Magnus of Mudgee

Hi Trish, Just a short note to say thanks for giving me to my human Mum, Yvonne, after she lost my cousin Fergus. I’ve just turned one & have a great life with lots of daily walks, bike rides & plenty of friends – canine & human. I love playing rumbles & chase with my mates Louie, Bugsy, BJ, Baxter, Trayla & Bertie. They all let me steal their balls & bones – mostly.

Robin Pether

We love our beautiful Daisy and she has made our life complete. Everyone that meets her just loves her.


So glad we got 2 dogs. Would highly recommend it. Makes it so much easier as well as a happier dog. Thanks so much.

Betty Hedgecoe

Hi Tricia This is Hildagaard who is almost 2.We love her to bits. She’s currently with us in sunny Queensland – loves the dog beach and long walks round the headland. We all return to Canberra on Mon – Hilda loves to travel!


Hi Tricia I thought I would give you an update on our boy Buster, he is 3 years old this month and he now lives on the sunny South Coast.

Carol Stammeijer

I just loved seeing the ebook on Echo, reminds me so much of my old boy Charlie who is now 13.5 years old and displaying all the same traits 🙂