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Hi Tricia The new site is fantastic and looks like Razinpaws is getting better and better. The dogs are enjoying a lot of comfort and protection. This and last years Christmas Cards that go to everyone. Toto is NO 1 in the house and with all the family and friends. Such a wonderful little man. Not spoilt rotten of course. The saying is “He was born to be spoilt” and Elena says it must be fulfilled. Cheers Terry & Elena

Robin Pether

Wishing you a very merry Christmas with all your lovely dogs. Daisy is the love of my life and what a wonderful choice it was to have a schnauzer. An artist painted an oil painting of her and I am thrilled with the result. Cheers for now. ROBIN & DAISY

Livia Liu

Hi Trish, We can’t believe it’s a been year since we took Marley home. He’s grown up so fast and we couldn’t have asked for a better companion. Wishing you and your Schnauzer family a very merry Christmas. Love Kai-Jia, Wei-Xu, Livia and Mia

Trevor and Pauline

Hi Trish, Zuri is now nearly 9 months old and has a very engaging personality, extremely energetic, friendly and a keen attender at the leash-free dog park nearby. He rarely barks and when he does it is an amazingly deep rumble, though he does have 2 other variations depending on the circumstances.


Lelu is now 1.5 years old and has become a celebrity in the inner west.


Little Manny and Kiwi are just gorgeous. Cant wait to add another to the clan in the future. Until then will just get all clucky watching the clips. Hugs to you all. Tory and Rush.


Hi Trish! Well, our darling Luca is almost 8 Months old now, and he is the darling of the neighbourhood! He is an adventurer, the friendliest soul you’ll ever meet and he loves a good wrestle! He has friends all over the world thanks to his instagram account ( Luca_pooka ) and many many more closer to home that he plays with regularly. He is the light of my life, and we take him everywhere! The beach, the farm, the snow – he runs to the car eager to see where we will take him next! Thank you so much, we love him and so does everyone who meets him. Lots of love, Scott, Ebony & LUCA!!


Hi Trica, Ada is growing up so fast. She is loved by everyone, she’s so friendly and always a bundle of joy. I am very please with her and she continues to surprise me with her new tricks she keeps learning.

The Easterbrook’s

Hey Trish, Boris is now 4 years old and Bonnie is now 3 1/2 years old. we can honestly say they have both grown into energetic, social, friendly schnauzers who are always on patrol. Bonnie has to have her say in everywhere we go, whether she saw another dog or human she must vocally greet anyone and everyone. she is an individual girl and will come up to you for the occasional cuddle. Boris, you rarely see him without a teddy in his mouth and he absolutely loves cuddles and attention.


Hi Trish, It’s been 6 months today since we got Roy home. It has been the most wonderful experience. Roy has grown to be such a lovely boy. He is a mini celebrity in our area and everyone just loves him. They say he is the most friendly, social and energetic schnauzer ever! Roy has a blog where I muse about his thoughts. Do visit when you get a chance. A big thank you from us.