Jess and Michael

Hi Trish,
Ellie is about a year and a half now. Someone just asked me what they should look for when deciding on a breeder, I directed them to your website and explained everything I liked about it and your ethos on breeding.
Everyone thinks Ellie is very sweet. She is often referred to as a princess. She whimpers for attention off strangers which they often cant resist.
She is a classic terrier and eats everything in sight, whether it’s good for her or not, but once we realised she was like that, we got pet insurance (which I think everyone should do) which was a wise decision.
She has everyone’s heart. My mum is always happy to mind her while we’re away. She often visits Michael’s parents and other peoples houses. She still adores small children and other dogs.
It has been beautiful to see her grow up into an amazing dog. She loves walks and car trips and sleeping in our bed and playing with her cat brothers.
We’re so thankful for her as she is amazing.
Thanks Trish