Jess Laidler

Hi Trish,
Hope you were serious about photo updates when I get a chance… because here is the third one in about a month.
Ellie’s going really well! She started puppy preschool this week. She was brillant. If the puppys get too silly or agressive they remove them to calm them down and Ellie was the only puppy that wasn’t. They started learning to sit and down, but Ellie could already do that, so while everyone else spend this week teaching their pups to sit and down, Ellie had to learn to crawl and roll over (which she’s already mastered and can also shake and hi5, and we’re now working on staying and coming).
Yesterday we got the green light from the vet to take her outside so today we went for a walk along the beach. She was feeling so brave we also walked along the dog beach and she played in the water.
So, for the third time in about a month, thank you again for the time you spent with Ellie to raise a wonderful pup.
Here is another picture of her and Theo.