Jess Lailder

Hi Trish (aka my mummy).

Yesterday Michael and Jess came and collected me from your house. We are all very thankful to you for taking the time to talk them through my care needs and answer their questions.
On the (LONG) way home I was a little bit sad but my new mummy gave me some cuddles and said that it was going to be okay and I felt much better.
When we arrived to my new house I was a little bit unsure but after 5 minutes I felt like it was my home.
Then my new parents introduced me to my new brother (a 4 month old kitten). He was a bit scared of me but now he follows me around wherever I go! Because I’ve been around so many animals, his presence doesn’t bother me at all.
My new mummy’s mum and little brother came and met me and love me so much they are talking about getting a puppy just like me!
My new parents were a bit worried because I slept for a lot of the afternoon. But then they realised it was just because I’d had a very big day and I’m still very little. My new mummy made my dinner and I ate it all up.
They had a bed ready for me next to their bed and I surprised them by sleeping all throughout the night!

They are also shocked that it’s been over 24 hours since they picked me up and there haven’t been any little ‘accidents’, but you took such good care of me that I already know better than that!

They also decided on a name for me – Eleanor. Except they call me ‘Ellie’. I’m already becoming quite familiar with it!

They want me to tell you that they are very thankful to you for raising me to be such a smart, playful and friendly pup. They like that I love cuddles and give me a lot of them.

Thank you for caring for me so well! I’ll make sure mummy or daddy write to you again soon!

Love Eleanor (and Jess, Michael and Theo the cat)