Hi Tricia,
Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for two beautiful little dogs. Sooty and Fergie are the best of friends and truly make our house a home. They get attention every where they go – which of course they love! We are approached every time we leave the house by people who want to give them a pat/cuddle. It’s almost embarrassing how much attention we (they) get. They’re so calm and well natured and children adore them (and vice versa). It’s a pleasure to take them anywhere and everywhere with us. They’re very well behaved and naturally polite dogs. We can take them to the dog park without leads and they hardly leave our side. No matter the distraction, we call their names and they come running. People with adult dogs can not believe how good they are and still so young. We definitely chose the right breed for us and the right breeder. The time and effort you put into your dogs is incredible. I’m so glad we found you! Thanks for all your time and assistance prior to picking up our pups and after. It’s greatly appreciated! We definitely have two very special little animals. THANK YOU!!
Andrew, Jill, Sooty & Fergie.