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My Waiting List is closed & will not be re-opened until August 2022.
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Lotti’s nearly two

Hi Tricia,
I hope you’re well. A quick note to say that Lotti is very well and happy as she approaches her second birthday. She’s learned to swim, loves chasing her ball in parks, and is a beloved member of the extended family. We’ll be in touch when we’ve built the house with room for number two!Lotti

My Marley is a clever dog. She does her agility work in a flash. She is 6 1/2 now.

Daisy turned 4 on 16th June this year and she is just gorgeous. I should have married her as she is
always happy and loving and greets me at the door as soon as I get home.

Daisy even sleeps with me and I love her to bits.

So pleased we came to you to choose our baby!

Hope you are well.

CHeers for now.


Toni L

Silvi’s Dogue Days

Hi Tricia – Silvi had a very glamorous and very short clip and has been rocking her local park without picking up burrs! She’s a gem. Hope you’re well. Charlie, Tim and ToniToni_Silvi2

Luke Moloney

Hi Tricia,
Lotti is nearly one! She’s growing into a beautifully gentle little dog, still a bit timid with strangers, but we’re working with a trainer to help her feel at ease. She loves her time in the highlands each week and has a great network of little pups in Balmain whom she meets each morning we’re in town. We couldn’t be more delighted and are so glad she’s in our family. Thanks Tricia, hope you’re well. Luke, Sean and Loti.Luke_Lotti3

Puneet and Jasmine

Hi Trisha,
Rocco turns 2 today. How time flies…
he is enjoying every day of his life with us and in return making ours enjoyable..
All Thanks to you..Puneet_Rocco


Hi Trish, Thank you to you, Maggie and Frank Senior for our beautiful baby bud! We love her to bits.JJ_Bud

Toni, Tim and Charlie

Hi Tricia – we can’t believe Silvi is 6 months already. She is a gem, a great camper and adventurous with new situations, people and dogs. This is a pic of her gorgeous haircut, just before Christmas and she’s due for another!Toni_Silvi1

Tamami Scheible

Our Cooper is now 6 months old.
He is enjoying every day of
his life.
We are really happy that he came to our lives.
Thank you so much!