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Steel at 4 and a half months old

I have tried to keep the wording to a minimum and give you an insight of what I feel are the important issues you should be looking for before deciding on a schnauzer breeder.

When I started setting up I had knowledgeable people telling me my yards were too big or they should be locked up at night in runs.

You will find, if you visit, that my dogs are all playing and happy little guys in very large yards.

There are never any growls or debates even on bone night. I want my dogs to be dogs. They should be able to run and play when they want to – not when you let them out of a cage.

The most common comment from visitors is how calm, happy and sociable the dogs are, that’s because they enjoy their life out here.

When purchasing a puppy you want to meet the mum, where possible the father and all the schnauzer breeders dogs. If a schnauzer breeder is not happy for you to see their dogs you need to ask yourself why.

Schnauzer Breeder research!

A lot of pet shop puppies may come from a puppy mill. The females are, more often than not, bred every season with no rest until their poor bodies simply wear out. Many are caged, have very poor diets and often live in unclean, sad conditions.

Think carefully before buying a puppy because you feel sorry for it or because it looks sick. If it is sick you may find yourself landed with huge vet bills.

Do your research, visit some schnauzer breeders and it will be easy to make your choice.