My Angels

Razinpaws SchnauzersI have dedicated the following page to my furry kids that have gone to doggy heaven.

During my lifetime I have owned many dogs and all sorts of other animals, when we have to say goodbye it never, ever gets any easier.

It is a very sad fact that they do not live as long as us and every animal that has been taken from me, go with a piece of my heart and I keep the memories.

These pages are not meant to make people sad, it is my way of commemorating my best friends.

Basil and Sweetie

They will be looking after each other I am sure.

Also known as Ma and Pa Kettle. Neither of them came to me at an early age. We figured they were around 15 – 16 years old at the end. Both had medical issues associated with old age.

On the 21st September 2012 they were laid to rest together.

Razinpaws Schnauzers - BasilBasil

Basil was a real gentleman. I don’t think I ever heard him say an unfriendly word to anyone, he just went along with the flow.  He didn’t have the best of starts. Basil lived here with me for nearly 8 years and I am sure he felt he had come to heaven in relation to where he had lived prior. It did not take long for basil and sweetie to become great friends. They lived in the same cabin, slept together and were never separated. It brought tears to the eyes to watch them, as they seemed to help each other in their last stages.



Sweetie always had to turn 20 times to the right and 20 back to the left before her bed was just right. She was also badly treated by her breeder before she made it to Razinpaws. A friend had paid very good money for two females that she said were living in the worst conditions she had ever seen. She felt so sorry for them she couldn’t leave them there so bought both of them.

I took Sweetie off her hands and for the next 8 years you had to take things very quietly around her. She was terrified of quick movements and any movement from brooms, hoses, etc. In the early days if anything frightened her she would drop to the ground shaking. It was only in the last 12 months that she actually let a few people pat her. When she first came here I clipped her coat right off, which meant that every day I had to catch her to put on and take off her jacket. She had to be cornered to be caught and then I would pick her up. My face would be next to hers. Never did she try to bite me, she had ample opportunity but it took a long time to gain her trust.

I know she enjoyed her life here, but in the end her eyes were bad and her arthritis was becoming very painful. I knew the time was near. When basil went downhill very quickly the vets were called out and it was decided it was time to let them go.


Cindy 2000 to 2015

My sweet Cindy Lou passed away on the 8th January 2015.

She was echo’s best mate and both were my foundation girls. Her heart was enlarged so was her spleen and on the morning of the 8th she had a stroke. I had to make the hard decision to let her go, just heartbreaking.

She was the best girl, she really never did anything wrong. She was a very quiet girl, kept to herself a lot but she had a happy life.

You are free to run and play as you like Cindy, we will all meet again one day. Rip.