Schnauzer Puppies

Razinpaws have new litters born throughout the year. Schnauzer puppies come in three different colours, Black and Silver, Black and Pepper/Salt. Miniature schnauzers are a great all round companion dog. They are terrific with children and other pets. This type of bread of dog are ideal for people with allergies as their coat does not shed its fur and they don’t have any doggy odour.

Miniature schnauzers are very intelligent, can easily be trained and make excellent watch dogs.

To arrange a suitable time to come and view the schnauzer puppies and parents, contact Tricia today!

Call: 02 4566 8149


Address: PO BOX 222, Glenorie NSW  2157

Some of Razinpaws schnauzer puppies in action.

Schnauzer puppies at play

Puppies at play

Miniature schnauzers at 1 week old

Week old puppies